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Advances & Loans 

Managing employees requests, simple and easy. Using request module you can manage all type of advances at one place. No need to manage approvals and monthly roll forward of spreadsheets to compute deduction and adjustments. 

Create multiple Advances and Loans types according to HR and Finance policies:

Scenario 1: Advances against expenses 

Such advances include Employees Advances against business expenses. Integrate with Claims module and let employees submit expense adjustments and net-off automatically.

Scenario 2: Advances/Loans adjustable against payroll

For example Advances against Salary or Loans. Schedule deduction periods at the time of approval and let advances settle automatically.

Employees can track status of their advances & loans online e.g; outstanding balance, adjustment schedule etc
Forced adjustment of long unadjusted advances or loans
Pre-approval estimation tool for advances against expenses
Integrated with leave module. Auto capture leave hours and request for Time-off in Lieu (TOIL)


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