USA and Canada

Employees Information

Managing information about each and every employee is a basic, but challenging HR function. With employee information contained in several different systems or maintained by multiple managers, it’s not always easy to get a broad, single view.

Promenics gives you a comprehensive employee information management solution, including employee profile management, payroll data management, attendance recording, leave management, training management, head count management, compensation and benefits management and other definable information.

Organization Structure & Location

Multi-company and Multilocation. Create and manage Segments, Departments and Teams.

Job Setting

Pay grades, job specifications, Job titles, Employment status


Education, degrees, certification and licences

Personal Information

Personal details, Contact details, Emergency contacts, Dependents details, Immigration status

Employment Information

Job details, Salary details, Bank details

Employees Background Information

Work experience, Education, Skills, Language, memberships

Reporting Hierarchy

Define Managers and Subordinates


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