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the recruitment system is designed to take much of the headache out of day-to-day administration. It helps you standardise each stage of the recruitment process, so you have everything you need from invitation to interview, to acceptance or rejection.

The recruitment system also includes applicant assessments and job profiling, to make sure you find the right people for the job.

Vacancy and applicant profiling
Applicant search by multiple criteria – including applications held over from previous campaigns
Background checks, including CRB checks and right to work
Filling one type of vacancy with multiple recruits
Managing one applicant applying for multiple vacancies
Monitoring key vacancy milestones
Agency rates and advertising costs
Publishing adverts on external websites
Recording and monitoring of campaigns
Media and advertisement analysis
Interview administration
Optional automated address recognition to enable fast and accurate capture of applicants’ address details
Duplicate applicant checks
Optional quick address look-up and validation
Publishing vacancies to your website quickly and easily
Capturing applicant data, such as:
  • CV upload
  • Recording applicant qualifications, work history and referees
In-built security measures, such as:
  • Data protection and processing rules
  • Robust technical architecture for data security
  • A holding area for applications to help you filter applicant records


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