USA and Canada

A complete Employees Lifecycle Management solution that manages all HR related processes end to end:

Communication Compensation Management Expense
Advances &
Benefits & Incentives
Policies & Procedures Staff Planner Leaves Time-Sheets Perquisites Petty Cash
  Reports General Ledger Integration with accounting system  
Position Applications & Interviews Offer Checks Joining Instructions
  Staff Appraisal Training & Development Reward  
Webbased Workflows Users &
Multilocation Mulitcurrency Control Panel
On the Web availability

Available from any computer or any device—any time, anywhere. All you need an internet connection and web browser and thats it.

No Hardware & Software Cost

Promenics is delivered Software as a Service (SaaS). System and Data is hosted, manged and maintained 24x7 by us in our secure clouds.  

Employees Self-Service Portal

Employees Self-Service Portal enables managers and employees to view, update, request, approve or reject transactions online.

Proxy Users

A 'proxy' user can be assigned to enter, approve and/or process expenses on another user's behalf.

Multi-Company and Multi-Currency

Under a single umbrella configuration, multiple entities can be configured independently, each with its own base currency, terminology, expense categories, general ledger codes, credit card programme, project codes and mileage or per diem rates. An employee in one entity can have expenses approved by a line manager in a different entity. An employee can have their expenses reimbursed in their local currency, even if group reporting is in another currency. A single accounts department resource can administer and process expenses for all entities in a group. Reports and integration with finance systems can be based on a single entity or can be consolidated across the group. 

 Foreign exchange rates

Foreign exchange feed applies global exchange rates based on the date on which the expense item was incurred.

 Integrated Modules

Tight links between modules is the key to achieving the highest levels of operational efficiency, data accuracy and control. One time data or transaction entry and access to common information throughout the system ensures that any level of business volume, in any size of organization, can be successfully managed. 

 Flexible Configuration

Multiple features can be configured to suit the structure and needs of your organisation.

 Users and Groups Management

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) allows System Administrator to grant permission to roles and assign roles to users. Permission include; add, update, view, delete etc. Each user is assigned one or more roles. Only those capabilities which have been granted to the specfic role are made available to users. Role include; System Administrator, HR Manager, Finance Manager, Payroll Accountant, Accounts Payable, Office Administrator to manage Petty cash, employees, secretaries (restricted view of boss page) etc. Users that have not been assigned specific roles are not aware that other capabilities even exist in the system.

 Multiple Approval Levels

Configurable hierarchy for single or multiple levels approval.

 Project Accounting

Each transaction can be assigned to a client/project and sub-client/project.


Users can choose which email alerts they wish to receive (e.g. expenses approved by line manager, approved by accounts, rejected).

 Policy Enforecement

Configure system according to your organization's specific HR and Finance policies.

 General Ledger 

Built-in General ledger auto process entries as per change in status of transactions. General Ledger module provide feeds or export data in the format which is recognized by your accounting system or ERP. 


Role based training, average time between 2 to 4 hours depending upon the role requirements.

 24x7 Support

We support our clients through all means, email, Chat or Phone. According to organization structure and System and Services plan you can choose type of support medium considered appropriate for System Administrator, Managers and Employees. In order to resolve queries of our customers we use latest techniques and technologies e.g; image and Desktop Sharing etc.


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