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Promenics meets your business needs

Our System and Serives are designed to meet the challenges faced by small, midsize, large and multinational organization - everything you need to manage complete Employees' Life Cycle.

Manage your Global operations with a Single Solution

  • Promenics is a multi-entity, multi-location and multi-currency system.  System can be configured and users' rights can be assigned  at Global, Regional, Country as well as Legal entity level.

  • Promenics is equally capable to control Global HR and related Finance operations Centrally as well as Locally. Delivers live information needed by executives and staff for effective decision making.

  • Give employees quick insight into predefined views tailored to their role.


  No Hardware, Software or additional staff cost

  • Promenics is delivered Software as a Service (SaaS). System and Data is hosted, manged and maintained 24x7 by us in our secure clouds. All you need an internet connection and a web browser to access. Connect your people to the right process as well as to each other.

  • Improve communication and collaboration and discover better ways to work together, regardless of location.

  • Automate common tasks and provide role-based access to information.

  • Enable employees to work with tools they already know and understand, like Microsoft Office Outlook and Excel.

  Cut Time and Costs by upto 70%

  • Promenics ensures to cut your Time and Costs through:

  • - Automation of Complete Employees' Lifecycle Management with our HRMS system. Staff spend their valuable time on core objectives rather than managing administrative activities. And on the other hand less staff is required to manage automated process as compared to manual

  • - Outsource processes and save cost associated with staff responsible to manage the process.


  Adapt quicky

  • It is an easy to use web based application. No as such Super user required. Admin training normally takes 3 whereas Staff training takes 1 hour approximately. And for users day to day questions and issues our Support team is always ready to help.

  Outsource & Focus on core Business activities

  • Focus on external business factors instead of wasting time performing and tweaking internal processes.

  Flexible Delivery Options

  • Choose a combination of System and Services according to your organization's specific requirement coupled with on demand support plan.


  • Security of your data is higly important for us. Our Systems are hosted in worldclass SAS 70 Type II compliant data center. Your internet link with our servers are also SSL encrupted.


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