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Promenics offers several types of training options, including live group online training sessions, free pre-recorded video training and personalized instructor-led training. All training is delivered over the web. 

 There are three levels of training: 

System Administrator
This training is required for System Administrator if you opt to maintain your system in-house. This training mainly covers:
  • Setup new Region, Location and Legal entity.
  • Create and manage new Groups and Users
  • Configure new or change in existing HR & Finance policies
  • Create new employee account
  • Configure employee/department specific policies & procedures
  • Configure compensation structure
  • Configure new employee's compensation
  • Managing workflows and approval hierarchy
  • B2B billing management for Corporate Credit Cards and Mobile Phone bills
  • How to exercise administrative rights over transactions
  • Managing alerts and email notifications
  • Run financial close process, apply cut-off, upload forex rates, upload transactions in G.L
  • Rights management of reports
HR Manager
This includes:
  • Detailed understanding of functionality of each module.
  • Overview of how organization's Policies and Procedures are configured in the system.
  • How to approve, reject, forward or cancel requests/ transaction entered by employee.
  • How to enter transaction on behalf of employee.
  • Search and drill-down of employees data.
  • How to run and retreive reports
Finance Manager

This include:

  • Topics covered in HR Manager's training, Plus
  • Schedule auto deductions
  • Making one-off and payroll payments
  • Managing banks and cash
  • Run period end close process
  • Upload Journal Entries into G.L

This include:

  • Updating and viewing personal details.
  • How to apply leaves
  • How to enter time-sheets
  • How to request TOIL (Time Off in Lieu)
  • Different types of claims and how to enter these in the system
  • How to request advances against expenses, petty cash, salary as well as loans and how to manage their dedcutions
  • Managing employee Corporate Credit Card and Mobile Phone online bill
  • Personal deduction
  • Employees' payroll, payslips and drill down individual earning and deduction components.


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