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Support plan and mode is highly dependent upon combination of System and Services you have choosen.



 Support is normally provided at following one of three levels, however we can setup on demand Support Plan ipon your request:

Support by level
System Administrator

This support plan is suitable when you prefer to manage & maintain system in house. We provide a comprehesive training to nominated person in the organization and this is a first point of contact for Managers as well as Employees for any system related query. However, for any issue that System Administrator might have we provide support through e-mail, Chat or Phone as contracted.

HR & Finance Managers

This plan is suitable when you have outsourced System Management related tasks to us. We provide training to HR and Finance Managers to manage their tasks. Employees are supported as follows:

How to use system: Promenics team will support all employees for any issue employees might have related to system use.

HR and Finance related matters: For any HR or Finance related matters employees will have to contact respective managers.

Under this option all functions, System Management as well as HR and related Finance functions are outsourced to us and we provide direct support to all employees.


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