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What is about Integration that make people shudder? The answer is:

  • Long lead times and slow time to benefit
  • The months of planning of complex workflows and data mapping
  • High costs
  • Unexpected requirements
  • Deployment delays

The Promenics technical team helps organization to overcome these integration challenges by providing clear and complete integration of existing systems with promenics.

 Integration options
Simple -  CSV Integration

CSV is a simple widely used file format that is widely supported and often used to move tabular data between different computer programs and databases. This is a quickest and flexible option for organization who want to reduce manual work. provider.

Smart - XML Integration

Suitable for organization who want to synchronize heavy data. This option is suitable for both, import and export of data in and out of promenics.

Sophisticated - Direct API Integration

Our API can be used to directly integrate with virtually any system to automate the end to end process.

 Solution - Out-of-Box Adapters

Pre-packaged adapters to all common enterprise systems, including major ERPs like Oracle, SAP, Microsoft dynamics and others.

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