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We recognise that there are a huge variety of HR challenges and issues which face every business. As such in addition to our System we have put together a comprehensive range of additional HR Services to help you manage your Human Resources effectively and efficiently.

   Transaction Processing

  • Our HR and Accounting team is fully capable to manage complex calculations as well as preparing and uploading Journals into your accounting system or ERP. This include:
  • Benefits and Incentives: Calculation and accounting of incentives like Sales Commission, End of Service Benefits or recurring or non-recurring cash or Benefits in Kind with our Compensation Management and Benefits Module.
  • Advances & Loans: Approval, payment, recurring or non-recurring adjustments/amortization and accounting of Employees' Advances with our Advances and Loans Module. These include:
    • Advances against Business expenses
    • Advances against Salary
    • Allowances in advance (like living allowance paid in advance at the start of year)
    • Employee Loans
  • Petty Cash: Petty-cash approval, payment, adjustments and accounting with Petty-cash Utility.
  • Expense Claims: Manage approval, payment and accounting of employees Expense Claims and non-recurring allowances with our Claims Module.
  • Corporate Credit Card Bills: Manage Corporate Credit Card bills, employees adjustments of business or personal expenses as well as accounting with our Corporate Credit Card Management utility.
  • Corporate Mobile Phone Bills: Manage Corporate Mobile Phone Bills, deductions of personal calls and related accounting with Corporate Mobile Phone Management utility.
  • Deductions: Manage employees recurring and non-recurring deductions with our Deductions Module.
  • Leaves: Manage leave approval, record, accruals, encashment, carry-forward etc as per Company Policy with our Leaves Module.
  • Time and Attendence: Manage employees Time-sheets, payment of overtime, Time Off in Lieu (TOIL) and related accounting with our Timesheet Module.

   Record Management

  • From managing employees record to follow-up for any outstanding information we manage employees complete information online. This include:
  • Company Policies and Procedures: We can help you in preparing HR related policies and Procedures and publish these online via employees Policies & Procedures Module. Employees can view these online through their self-service portal.
  • Employees Information: We manage employees complete information with Employees Information Module. Based upon type of information employees can update their record through their self-service portal or sensitive information fields can be restricted to Admin account. We liason with your employees to manage and keep up to date their.
    • Personal Details (Name, Date of Birth, Personal and offical email, Personal and Offical Phone/mobile number, National Insurance Number/National ID
    • Contact Details (Temporay and Permanent)
    • Emergency Contacts
    • Passport and Visas details
    • Job description and responsibilities
    • Bank Details
    • Reporting lines (Report to and Reported by)
    • Employee Business Segment, Cost Centre and Department details
    • Work Experience (Internal and External)
    • Education
    • Skills
    • Languages
    • Memberships
    • CVs for clients' reference
    • Pay Grade
    • Contract and Payment Currency
    • Pay frequency
    • Comprehensive Total Reward Statement as well as maintain history of changes since employees date of joining

   Payroll Processing

  • Our hassle free Services backed by our state of the art System keep your payroll process smooth and seemless. Please read more

   System Administration

  • System Administration is required to mainitain system so that organization can benefit from its capabilities at full potential. Some of the areas System Administrator looks after are:
  • Users and Groups: Create and maintain Users and Groups in the system. Promenics has incorporated the concept of Role Based Access Control (RBAC) which allows System Administrator to grant permission to roles and assign roles to users. Permission include; add, update, view, delete etc. Each user is assigned one or more roles. Only those capabilities which have been granted to the specfic role are made available to users. Role include; System Administrator, HR Manager, Finance Manager, Payroll Accountant, Accounts Payable, Office Administrator to manage Petty cash, employees, secretaries (restricted view of boss page) etc. Users that have not been assigned specific roles are not aware that other capabilities even exist in the system.
  • Change in existing configurations: System configuration is required to be changed whenever there is any change in organization's Policies & Procedures or organizational structure, so that system process data correctly.
  • New configurations: New configuration is required whenever new Policies and Procedure are introduced and new locations/legal entities are added in the system.
  • Features development: Sometime features available in the system are required to be modified at programming level so that system work around the users rather than users are working around system.

   E Learning Management

  • Cut employees time, travelling and training associated costs, train your employees virtually. Our e-learning material development team can transform your existing paper based training material and tests into interactive online resource with our Learning and Development Module.
  • Our professional graphic designers will liason with Managers/Trainers and develop
    • Online training videos
    • Training Simulations
    • Course end quizzes or assessments
  • Apart from these our team can manage via our Learning & Development module:
    • Training Catalogues
    • Employees Course registrations
    • Employees Course attendence
    • Course end certificates for CPD purposes
    • Post course feedback
    • Trainers Bookings


  • We Support you 24/7 around the clock. Please read more for our support options



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